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2017-04-24 16:36:39
Don't Sell for 'ALL CASH'!

Warning! There is a myth going around to watch out for! The myth is that selling for 'all cash' to someone who puts up a bandit sign near the streets is going to give you a fair price. The reality they are looking for an unsophisticated seller who is ashamed of the condition of their property and doesn't want people knowing what it looks like inside. These bandits are looking to buy your equity as cheap as they can, you deserve better.

Let me help. I have helped hoarders get top dollar for their homes. The secret is that it is a lot of work for me! It usually involves several meetings with the homeowner to develop a comfortable plan. Often times it involves helping get other people out of the property as well. While it is no fun removing daughters, sons, and other near-do-wells from your property it can be done! I try to do it tactfully but often it takes a bit more cajoling and helping them find alternatives.

The first step we take is a property management agreement. Usually there isn't any rent being paid or collected so the agreement is essentially a tool that I use to start enforcing your property rights. Once that happens and they see there is a new 'Sheriff in Town' attitudes usually change. First they are bitter and then they see that the change is inevitable and find I am a helpful resource for them in their transition.

Although, I recall one woman who was living rent free in her out of town grandmother's house, for years! This woman wouldn't budge for love nor money (we tried!). She wouldn't let anybody in the house, ever. No showings, no inspections, no way-no how. Stubborn and probably on drugs. We ended up filing eviction papers. Strange, she just vanished a week before the hearing, leaving incredible filth in the house. I guess she knew the real Sheriff (with the badges and guns) would be next at the door and it was time to skedaddle!

We got the house cleaned up and sold quickly.

The moral is this: if you need help, call me. Together we will work out a solution.

Steve Innis, Broker



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