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2017-06-21 22:52:17
Selling a Cluttered House?

You Call That Clutter?


What you have isn’t clutter! That is just extra stuff!! I have seen clutter, unimaginable clutter, and unfathomable clutter in La Jolla, in Clairemont, in Point Loma, all over San Diego. I have seen clutter so bad that there is hardly a path through the house and literally nowhere to sit down! Clutter stacked so deep and so high that it is piled to ceiling. In each case the clutter collector got out of control over the years and the time had come to sell the house.


Call me before you list that cluttered house for sale and let’s talk about de-cluttering the home. Cluttering clients are all adorable and wonderful people. By talking with these “collectors” and respecting their unique needs and including their family in the conversation we can make a plan for removing the clutter so the house can be sold. I am an experienced advocate, working respectfully with the collector of the family to gain their assistance in devising a plan.


The most “clutter” I ever helped a seller remove filled 5 huge 40 foot long trash bins and a few dumpsters. That took 3 weeks with crews working inside and in the yard outside the house. In another case the divorced client’s work and child care schedule was so tight that we literally started her on the de-cluttering process 3 months before we listed the house for sale. She preferred to do most all of the work herself slowly and meticulously. We filled one 40 foot bin and 2 large dumpsters.


In each case we started slowly by gaining the collector’s agreement and cooperation then prioritizing things to do in steps.  Once we settle on the plan a timeframe we can get the necessary help, storage location, movers, and waste bins then delicately work the plan while maintaining everyone’s dignity.

Whether the collector is your mother or father, you husband or wife, or your daughter or son each case is unique. Please call me and we will confidentially discuss your situation.


Steve Innis, owner/broker

Clairemont Realty



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