Aging in your Own Home can be the Best Idea


Houses become too big to manage physically, financially, and sometimes emotionally after the passing of a loved one. What to do with the burdensome house is always a question. The decision to stay in the home, sell the home, or rent the home is an important decision and requires careful consideration.

Some people prefer to downsize so they don’t have to worry about the lawn, garden or roof. Many people have found that they can sell their existing home, have no mortgage, and put a nice chunk of change in the bank while enjoying a less stressful environment whether it is buying a condo, renting an apartment, or moving into an assisted living I can help you with the process.

I am a certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist® and have a special insight into the needs of seniors. While living in your own home is often the most appealing idea it is at times not the safest and safety is the most important concert to not only our senior citizens but to their families as well. As we all know a trip or fall most often has severe consequences starting with an ambulance ride to the emergency room until you undergo surgery for a broken bone or worse. Next can come a couple of weeks in the hospital, perhaps even a move to an acute care facility for a few more weeks, and if things go really well then there is a month or more in a skilled nursing facility before being released. Then where to? Home would be nice but that is where it started, isn't it? Perhaps assisted living is your next stop.

Try to imagine, if you will, the toll on your family all this time. They now have to stop everything they are doing in their own lives to take care of you and your physical and emotional needs while you are in the hospital, skilled nursing facility, and then to where ever you are discharged to but they also are often times forced to take over your finances and make decisions for you that you would prefer to have made for your self. Much if this can be avoided.

There are many conditions in your familiar surroundings that you have been able to navigate around for many years which don't seem like a threat to your safety. Some of these conditions can be overcome but others can lead to life-changing events such as a slip or a fall.


The first step is to have a specialist assess your situation from a safety and a financial perspective bearing in mind that aging in your own home is way better than ending up in a facility.

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