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Updated 9/25/2022

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     Many are expecting home prices to continue downward price adjustments. Homes that are listed are reducing their price until sold. This means that the sooner you sell your home the better off you are. As the summer selling season wraps up and the market typically cools down less buyers are traditionally in the market.

     Today, with the Fed raising interest rates yet again housing prices are continuing to react negatively.

If you in the market to sell your home call me or email me as soon as possible and we will put together a plan to get your home sold that meets your timeline.


Steve Innis, broker/owner

Clairemont Realty

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Below is my most recent post from September 10th discussing August activity-


Sellers- We still have a strong market in Clairemont with houses that already closed in this month of September going under contract in under a month.  We currently have less than one month of inventory available and need more.

Buyers- Negotiate! If you can afford to buy a home, do so! "Marry the house and date the interest rates". Interest rates of 6-7% have historically been the case for well qualified buyers. If rates again just refinance the loan!


August Clairemont Roundup:

Houses 34 sold at 95% of asking price. ($689/sqft)

Condos 11 sold at 95% of asking price. ($626/sqft)

I will look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Innis, broker/owner

Clairemont Realty

cell: 858-922-2410

click to email: Steve@ClairemontRealty.com

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